Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our first post

Today is our grandson Jaydon's 9th birthday, which marks our first blog post. I have a lot to learn about using all the features on this blog site. As I get to know how to use them, I will post photos. I'm hoping to create something of interest that attracts others who share, or not, the same interests as us. My husband, Rob, and I are embarking on a new way of life in our retired years. Many others have done it before us, but it is new to us. We will be RVers. The name of our blog describes us as baby boomers and our choice of home as Class A, which is the type of RV Motorhome we bought. Whether you own a Class A, B, C or camp with tent and/or only backpack, all are welcome here.

I've often wondered about people in the USA who feel no interest in seeing their own country; who desire to go to far-away islands for vacation, or to see Europe or Asia or Africa or Indonesia or wherever, but never their own country. I would love to see the whole world but, before I see everyone else's world, I want to see my own. I want to see the land that my ancestors fought for in the American Revolution, the land they crossed in covered wagons, the land some immigrated to from the Azores, and the diverse beauty this North American continent offers. I want to gaze across cornfields covered with huge, blue sky; smell the Atlantic from the Maine coast; be dazzled by the October leaves of Vermont; be humbled by the monuments in Washington DC; be tanned on the beaches of Florida; feel my lungs fill from the gasp of breath I take at viewing the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Mt. Rushmore, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Sedona, the Mississippi, the Florida Keys, Alaska. I want to spend my mornings and evenings in campgrounds living outdoors with campfires burning, children playing, talking with strangers who become strangers no more, sharing stories, taking our time, making memories, living in the moment, now.

Join us on our journey. We just might meet you out there on the road.

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  1. Great first post! I'm so excited to watch you and Dad embark on your new adventure! I've been lucky enough to see a lot of this gorgeous country but you are going to see so much more than I had a chance to. I look forward to all the great pictures you are going to take. See you soon.
    Love you,