Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kentucky Blues

We didn't see much of Kentucky except for driving through. What we saw, though, was exceptionally beautiful. Sprawling lawns neatly tended, sculpted shrubs, trees, trees and more trees. So much green—and the humidity to go with it. For me, the humidity is the hardest to handle. My hands and feet end up feeling like they've been in a furnace and I start feeling a little crazy. I've been trying to get acclimated to it and I guess its working—a bit.

As I recovered from my cold, Rob's put him down for several days. We took one day to drive through Mammoth Cave National Park, but we did not take any cave tours. Neither of us felt up to it. So our time in Kentucky consisted mostly of hanging around the Beast with nothing but the usual suspects (Louis, Brandy and Ollie), our pretty view, Ruby Throated hummingbirds and Camp Kitty to keep us company. For just a moment I thought we had wasted time, but then I remembered that we can always come back and that we were fortunate to have 7 full days of rest in a lovely place. We will return.

Now we are in Milton, West Virginia, for two nights at a KOA. They couldn't have put us any nearer to the freeway if they tried! I don't like the highway noise, but this park is otherwise very nice.

Our next stop is supposed to be Mount Nebo, West Virginia. Rob was meant to paraglide near there, but he just spoke to his contact in the area and found out there is no flying. I did some checking myself in February and I recall information online stating there was flying in the area. Lesson learned. If Rob wants to fly, he's got to make contact and get the scoop before I make reservations. I will no longer do it for him because I'd just be wrong. Sigh. And now he's talking about changing reservations, which could be expensive, rather than just spending the week where we do have reservations. He's concerned there will be nothing to do. There is a lake. I say we rent a canoe and do some paddling.

Here are a few more photos from Kentucky.

Neighboring farm in early morning. You could hear the cows mooing.
A dragonfly resting over the pond.

These two were doing mating dances in the air.

These two roosters were trying to figure out where the new chick was when I did my hen imitation.

Home Sweet Home. I took this photo coming back from the chicken coop.

Just a little fungus among us.

A beautiful drive in Mammoth Cave National Park

Just can't get enough of this kind of pretty.

The ferry across the Green River.

Got lucky finding this little one on the side of the road. We pulled up beside her and she wasn't afraid at all.

The sunset reflected in the clouds the evening before we left Kentucky.


  1. Actually, I'm okay with Mt. Nebo. There are all kinds of water sports available at Somersville Lake. It's supposed to be the clearest lake east of the Mississippi - very deep also. Also, it's only a two drive to Eagle Rock which I hear is the best fly site on the east coast (from one of the locals)! So check out the lake on the web, or just wait for the next edition!

  2. Hi Linda & Rob; Somersville was a park we really loved. Not on the Lake but a magnificent view of mountain and valleys. Brings back wonderful memories of our very first trip across the US in our New (used) Beaver. We are at Panguitch, UT where David is absolutely thrilled with the best fishing experience he's ever had. 10- so far 12 to 18". We will feed a tribe when we get to Emmett ID on 9/5 for the big wedding of grandson.
    I'm frustrated again with my blog. I'm ready to upload some pages of this trip and I can't find any prompts to do so. Will email you with hopes of hearing from you soon. Wish I had my masters in blogging. :) Glad your both well again. I get what your saying about RV parks that advertise wifi. I gave up and got an iPhone so I can get my own hotspot as long as there is cell signal. Where we are now offers wifi but by evening it is so slow it is useless. Keep in touch. ~Road Gypsies- Judith & David