Wednesday, December 18, 2013

GATORAMA and Other Fun Stuff

We have been enjoying our time at Fisheating Creek with our friends Mike and Janet. This past weekend friends we met in Savannah, Mike and Denise, drove in for a two night stay while on their way to Texas. Our three motorhomes were lined up one after the other. The six of us pooled our resources and had a delicious barbecue, stimulating conversation and all around good time.

We met some other folks, Bill and Holly, who are from Ft. Lauderdale. They camped in their tent-trailer just across the way from us and they joined Mike, Janet and us for an evening of talking and—ahem—drinking. Yes, Bill is a bartender and manages an establishment in Ft. Lauderdale, and he brought a bottle of Cinnamon Whiskey to the party. I don't drink whiskey, but this stuff tasted like Red-Hots and Cinnamon Hearts. Num yummy! If I'd just sipped that (I'd started the evening with a tall Margarita), I would've been fine. Enough said.

Mike (of Mike and Janet fame), took Rob and me to see Gatorama. What a fabulous place it is, too. There are both alligators and crocodiles and you are able to get pretty close to these wild, modern dinosaurs. I was even able to hold a baby alligator, which was about three feet long from nose to tail. Gatorama also had several other species of animals in a bit of a mini zoo. There were raccoons, panthers, bobcats, peacocks and peahens, macaws, tortoises and a turtle. The demonstration feeding of the alligators was interesting, too. These creatures are well trained because when they see the zookeeper with the pail of chicken pieces, they know its chow time and they come running—well, swimming.

Rob spent some time talking with the concessionaire, Allen, who runs Gatorama and the state campground where we are staying, and which Mike is a camp host/camp worker. Allen has the tip of one finger missing. It was bitten off by a crocodile a while back while he was wrestling it to get it under control. He apparently didn't realize it happened until minutes later when he took a look at the finger he had thought got scraped. Oops. I have a photo of this croc.

I know some people think I'm crazy, but I see beauty in every animal and these alligators and crocodiles are no different. Take a look at the photos and see if you don't agree with me.

Rob at our barbecue.

Janet and Mike.

The other Mike, with his cocker spaniel, Kodiak.

Mike and Denise. Sorry for the blurry photo. Hard to focus when its dark.

In Fisheating Creek Outpost.

Moss on a Palm.

'Cypress Knees' in a bed of ferns.

One of the tent campsites. 

An American Alligator.

This is the guy that took Allen's fingertip.

Same guy. Did you know that Crocodiles don't have tongues?

Snowy Egret.

Amazing texture.

Catching a chicken leg.


The big one is a crocodile and the little one is an alligator.

Meet Ted. He's the fellow I got to hold.

We were told the Turkey Vultures like to hang around because the they think the very still alligators are going to die.

Some babies huddling up to the water.

The light colored ones are crocs and the dark ones are alligators.

This tortoise smiled for the camera.

Pretty as a peacock.

Hey, are you gonna send that biscuit down the tube or what?

This macaw's head feathers were an orangy shade of red. I've never seen that before.

This crusty alligator is OLD. He was probably 15 feet long.

Peahens are pretty, too.

Regal looking, isn't he?

You wanna piece-a-me?

Interrupting a nap.

Yawning Bobcat.

This time a crusty, old croc.

White Ibis.

Swimming toward me.

Looks like he's swimming right out of the clouds.

Meet Petey.

Mike and Janet looking festive.

Holly and Bill.

Hanging out at the Janowiak's.

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