Sunday, October 5, 2014

Photos, Photos, Photos!

I have so many photos that I will keep the words short. Since my last post, we left Washington, a place which didn't blow my skirt up regarding the people but it sure is a beautiful area. I wouldn't mind a view like Mount Rainier every single day. We next went to Sandpoint, Idaho.

We went to Sandpoint to visit our friends, Mike and Denise, whom we met in Savannah, Georgia, last fall, and we fell in love. Sandpoint has everything we want: mountains, a huge lake, trees—firs, spruces, quaking aspens—seasons, deer, moose, bear, low population, low insects, no poisonous snakes, trains with their accompanying whistles, adequate shopping and a creative, artsy and friendly community. When we've seen enough of the country to satisfy us, we intend to rent a house and spend a full year in Sandpoint to determine if we'd like to live there permanently. We especially have to spend winter there so we know if we can tolerate snow. They only get an average of about 7 feet of snow throughout the winter, but I haven't lived with snow since I left New Jersey in January 1980, and Rob hasn't since his last year of high school in 1965. I'm looking forward to the experience.

After we left Idaho, we started to head home. We spent a week in LaPine, Oregon, and visited with friends we met in Quartzsite, Arizona. We'll be spending five months in Quartzsite over this winter and will be spending a lot more time with Phil and Linda. Then we went to Lake Oroville, which is suffering terribly, like all of California, from the drought. Now we are home and will spend a couple of weeks here then head south.

I hope you enjoy my photos.

Beautiful Bonsai at the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection in Federal Way, Washington.

Look at how old the tree is from which the above Bonsai was created.

At the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

At Pike's Place Market.

A street performer with his African Grey parrot at Pike's Place Market.

He was so good with the kids as evidenced by this little fellow's smile.

Colorful chili peppers.

And veggies.

And restaurants.

A rainbow at the fun fountain by the Space Needle.

The lines to get into the Space Needle wrapped around the base a couple of times.

Our family chili dinner with Mt. Rainier in the background.

Overlooking Sandpoint, Idaho, from Schweitzer Mountain.

There is always something going on. This weekend was a car show.


I love old trucks.

Especially this old.

Cool paint job.

And who doesn't love candy apple red.

These are ceramics applied to the side of this building, which houses public restrooms. The photo doesn't do it justice.

This car was much more awesome in person.

Yes, this car really is this shade of lilac!

Our friend, Mike, with Tilley the Burmese Mountain Dog. What a sweetie! (Both of them).

Looks fun!

Sandpoint City Beach from Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced Pon-der-ray).

One of the fantastic homes on Lake Pend Oreille. Can you see the cow jumping over the moon?

My son-in-law said "yes, please" when he saw this photo.

Someone is making his home his castle.

Mike and Rob.

Denise and I.

One of the many trains that come through. Love them!

Huckleberry Cream Ale. How appropriate for the place where they grow abundantly.


Mike and Denise in front of their cute house.

In better years, you can see Lake Oroville from the campground. Now you only see where it's supposed to be.

Our camp spot at Lime Saddle Campground at Lake Oroville.

A buoy and buoy anchors waiting to be submerged again.

Rob looking out from Oroville Dam.

Cool sky looking west from the Oroville Dam.

There is some lake left.

A very dry spillway.

One lone salmon at the fish hatchery.

Salmon swimming upstream at the fish hatchery.

School children learning about the salmon.

Our favorite neighbors at the campground.

The lizards were out in full force our last day at Lake Oroville.

Rob chillin'.

This hummingbird diligently guarded 'his' feeder from two other hummers.

Our last evening at Lake Oroville delighted us with this deer family feeding right next to The Beast. We'd been seeing them often, but not this close.

Mama was a little nervous when we opened a window.

Junior posed for me for just a moment.

Rob tried to give the deer carrots. They didn't seem to like it, but the carrot was gone the next morning.


  1. Great photos as usual! Sandpoint does look like a great place. A raccoon or rabbit probably took the carrot; I think the deer would've preferred the leafy carrot tops. See you this weekend. Love you!

  2. I enjoy reading as well not to mention viewing all of the beautiful Photos Linda you do amazing work.

  3. I always enjoy reading and viewing the wonderful photos Linda you do such great work!