Sunday, August 5, 2012

Making progress

We've had our cats out in the RV a few times. They are a little nervous, but getting better. We spent our first night out in the RV the night before last to test out the cat's reactions. They behaved normally throughout the night, except that Louis spent an inordinate amount of time walking around our heads. Needless to say we didn't get as much sleep as usual. They are fairly active in the middle of the night and it wasn't any different in the RV. We heard them tearing up and down the length just as they do throughout the house. I found them a kitty condo that fits perfectly in front of the window in the bedroom. It has a toy on a spring on the bottom platform, which Brandy played with for quite awhile. We knew this because it has a bell and it jingled and jingled and jingled. Good thing it's a small bell!

After speaking with someone at Winnebago, Rob was able to remove the TV at the front of the RV. That was quite a chore trying not to damage the maple wood framing. Those old TVs weigh a ton as evidence by Rob's strain while I detached the cables and cords. There was no way he'd be able to get it down the steps of the RV by himself. Thank goodness our neighbor, Charles, was able to come right over and get the job done for us (he's also only 37 or 38 years old). We headed over to Costco after that and picked up the new flat screen TV to take its place. Rob is an excellent woodworker, and its going to look really good when its finished.

We leave in two weeks in the RV with our bird, Ollie. We'll be towing the tent-trailer down to LA to Rob's brother, Chip, who snapped it up the moment Rob mentioned it was for sale. We reserved a couple of nights at a nice RV resort in Long Beach that is right by the water. I have a feeling we'll have our share of freeway noise and, possibly, sound emanating from the Port of Long Beach. I think they work throughout the night off-loading the container ships.

On our way back toward home in northern California, we'll be stopping to see my daughter, Kristie, son-in-law, Matt, and grandson, Cayman, in Ventura. Kristie says she's seen people with big RVs parked in the neighborhood so we ought to be able to park right by her house for a couple of nights with no problem. It will be great fun to see Cayman at this time because he starts kindergarten the day before we arrive. I'm looking forward to hearing about his first couple of days.

Off of Highway 101 heading north from Ventura is an RV park called Rincon Parkway. It's basically giant parking spaces along old Highway 1 situated above the beach along the Pacific ocean. If there is space available (first come, first served), we might pull in just to spend one night listening to the ocean lull us to sleep. I've wanted to do that for such a long time, so I'm hoping there is a space for us. I just don't want to have to suddenly learn how to parallel park a 40 foot motorhome. Yikes!

No matter what, we are looking forward to our first adventure in the RV.

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  1. Sounds like your adventure is coming right along. i am enjoying reading your story and look forward to hearing more as you go.