Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pre-Sticker removal

I have finally posted a photograph of the Beast. Took long enough, eh? Rob took this photo on the day we (he) decided to buy it. I think it was pretty darned good-looking... from a distance. The truth is, even though the motorhome was hardly used, barely broken-in, it was kept in the elements over the years. The stickers were peeling and worn looking.

Looking at the photo you see stripes and the model, Horizon, on the front and sides. That's all gone now. Rob used adhesive remover and peeled and scraped with putty knives. Only the actual painted parts remain—silver-gray, white and blue. It looks less busy, which we like. We'll probably have 'The Beast' pinstriped on the front panel, but the final decision on that has yet to be made; however, a photograph I took of Rob paragliding will get made into a vinyl transfer and placed on the rear wall and another vinyl transfer of this blog address will be made to fit the panel under the rear slide. I hope people are curious enough to look up my blog and follow our travels.

Since we are leaving next Monday, August 20th, for a short jaunt to southern California, I will have the opportunity to photograph the Beast in an open space. Right now, it is parked in a narrow, fenced area and photographing it properly is nearly impossible. I'll post the new photo as soon as I can so you can see the difference.

In the meantime, I've been making lists to make sure we don't forget any necessities, and of little things to buy that will keep other little things from shifting inside cupboards and cabinets. When it is all in order, I will also photograph the interior. It is surprisingly comfortable.

Until next time...

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