Sunday, January 6, 2013

An Unexpected House Guest

On Thursday morning I was inside doing the breakfast dishes when Rob exited the Beast for his morning cigar. We noticed a brand new motorhome pull up to the RV wash area. Rob wandered over to check it out and talk to the owner, as he is wont to do. The next thing I know, Rob is asking me to get him some dish detergent for these fellows who needed to wash this motorhome. When Rob returned with the container of detergent, he explained that these fellows are delivering this motorhome to one of the RV sales companies here in Quartzsite. This is their job. In short, they pick up motorhomes or big rig tractors, etc, for delivery to whomever is purchasing them from the manufacturers. Hearing this, I figured I might be able to go inside for a look-see. I wandered over to the wash area with Rob and asked if it would be alright for me to take a look and one of the fellows responded with a big smile and a 'sure you can!' 

This 'Georgetown' motorhome was very pretty inside with cherry wood cabinets, an ultra-leather L-shaped sofa, glass vessel sink in the bathroom, flat-screen TV and 'fireplace.' But, the dinette table was too narrow, the seat backs too upright, the sofa seat not quite deep enough, and no place to put computers. Great for week-long outings but not for full-time living, in my opinion.

After I came out, I was properly introduced to these men. Dante, who was the driver delivering the motorhome, and Anthony, who does the same kind of work as Dante but was just riding with Dante in order to get to a place where he'd catch a bus and get back to where he could pick up another vehicle for delivery. Anthony planned to spend the night in a motel and catch the bus at 5:00am the next morning, and Dante would be sleeping in the motorhome at our RV park. We all got talking and felt a definite rapport. Both men are very, nice guys. 

It turned out that Dante would be delivering the motorhome in the morning, but then would have nowhere to go until his bus came at 7:00pm, Friday evening. Apparently this kind of thing happens frequently, but because of our meeting he asked if we'd be around and if he could hang out with us. We told him yes and welcomed the company. He went online to make his bus reservations but found there were no seats available until the following evening. Rob invited him to spend the night with us. Dante is our kids' age so we just treated him like we would our own.

Dante is from Houston, TX. He spoke to his mom on the phone and was telling her about us. She was grateful that we were watching out for her son. Rob got on the phone with her to tell her what a good son she has because Dante was, for every moment, respectful, kind, friendly and open with us. He told us a lot about his life, his daughter, his experiences, his mom, and his dad, the effect their divorce had on him as a teenager and his decision that he wouldn't let anything interfere with his desire to be the best man he can be. Good decision that.

On Saturday, we all drove out to a back-country area and followed the roads and washes around until we felt we couldn't go any further. I was searching out things I want to photograph in a late afternoon setting. We had a good time exploring. After that, we came back to the Beast, watched a football game, had dinner and then took Dante to where Greyhound picks up their passengers and said goodbye. We are hoping Dante stays in contact and that we see him again somewhere in this big country.

I think spontaneity is an aspect of RVing that both Rob and I will always enjoy. You never know who you will meet and we look forward to newfound friendships potentially turning into lifelong friendships.

Rob and Dante enjoying the sunshine.

Rob and Dante looking tiny next to this Saguaro cactus.

These cacti look amazing back lit, although this shot is not because it was high noon.

Pretty awesome looking from this perspective.


  1. I think that all the different kind of people to meet would be the most fun for me. I'm glad that you are meeting such nice people.

  2. Linda and Rob, this is great! I so agree about the RV lifestyle and also just being friendly, you'll meet the most interesting people! Have fun, love you guys!