Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lake Mead

We have one of the best sites here at Lake Mead RV Village. The view through our windshield is of mountains and lake. No obstructions. We've seen quail, grackles, sparrows, hummingbirds, jack rabbits, and we've heard coyotes. We've had warm enough nights to be outside to enjoy a few campfires and that's when we'd hear coyotes far in the distance; however, just yesterday afternoon we heard them very close by indeed. Rob was up on the ladder getting a puddle of rainwater off the slide's awning and could see the coyotes about 100 yards away. We wondered if they may have been celebrating the catch of a jack rabbit or some other unfortunate critter. Their yip yip yipping and howling was eerie but oddly exciting. I wish I could've seen them from my lower proximity, although it wasn't from a lack of trying. I think my neck stretched a good inch or two from my effort!

We visited the Hoover Dam the other day. We paid $7.00 to park and headed over to the Visitor's Center. We were dismayed to find that they wanted an additional $8.00 to enter, and you had to go through screening identical to TSA airport screening—right down to having to remove your shoes. I looked at that and decided it wasn't worth the $8.00 to have to pull my sneakers off. They also wanted $30 per person for an internal tour of the dam. It just seemed too pricey to me, and the nearby casino is charging only $29 per person for a helicopter ride over the entire area, which is probably way more fun. So, off we went to walk along the sidewalk over the dam. That's really what I came to see anyway. It is an impressive structure and beautiful with all of its art deco finishes.

Lake Mead had a bit of rain over the last few days. Because of it, we discovered that we hadn't really solved a leak problem in our bedroom slide that became apparent while we were at Dockweiler in Los Angeles; and, because of it, we now really do have the problem solved. This is especially good news for me as the leak was over my side of the bed! Friday evening we were enjoying a roaring campfire with our neighbors, Ken and Gail, who are from just north of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, when at about 9:30 we had to say goodnight and go inside because the raindrops were getting larger and more frequent. I'm just glad all the wood had burned down and what was left was mostly glowing coals, which always give them the appearance of inhaling and exhaling as though sentient. It rained furiously that night (the bedroom remained dry). In the morning, you could barely see the lake through the low clouds and mist.

The view has been impressive. Being that it is basically high desert with rather barren, jagged mountains and low-lying brush, I thought the sun would accentuate the harshness of the land with severe contrast. Instead, the diversity of color with it's reds, greys and tans in concert with the blue of the sky and the lake invite a muted, pastel softness, especially in early morning and late afternoon.

Rob's sister-in-law, Chris, had given us a travel hummingbird feeder as a motorhome-warming gift and this location gave us the opportunity to use it. I think it was about an hour after hanging it that a healthy, male Anna's hummingbird began to guard it and make it his own. Yesterday, however, we were gifted with the arrival of a Costa's hummingbird. The fellow was fearless. At one moment, Rob was less than a foot away from him and he sipped nectar in an entirely nonchalant fashion. That kind of thing gets us ridiculously excited! It wasn't long, though, when the Anna's came home from wherever he'd been and chased the Costa's off. My camera was working at high speed and I captured a few clear shots of these swift, little birds.

Tomorrow, the plan is to go into Las Vegas for a look-see at some of the visual treats those hotels have to offer.

Toasting to our first afternoon at Lake Mead

A close up of Art Deco framing around an elevator door

Even the dam wall was built with aesthetics in mind.

I was so enamored with the statue's beauty that I failed to find out its meaning.

I think people made wishes with their coins at the feet of this towering statue, much like with a wishing well.

If the wind comes up, hold on to your hat or you'll never get it back!

In honor of the lives lost in the construction of the dam.

A desert rose, perhaps?
A photo of Rob. Not unusual.
I photographed all 12 signs.

Pastel Lake Mead

After raining all night.

Rob and our little Costa's Hummingbird.

Our Anna's Hummingbird.

A sweet, little female Anna's Hummingbird.

Anna's Hummingbird.

Costa's Hummingbird.

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