Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beautiful Ketchum, Idaho

It is truly beautiful here in Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho. It is obvious that there is pride within this community as evidenced by the landscaping, which is carefully tended; and, the streets are clean and the business facades are charming and well maintained. Beautiful firs, spruces and pines line many of the roads, and emerald green lawns look like carpets under their boughs.

Rob says there's probably two seasons here. Winter and road construction.There is a lot of it going on, but it doesn't really slow traffic too much as there really isn't much of it to speak of. At least not in comparison to what we are used to in the Bay Area. 

We arrived on Saturday and on Sunday, Rob was up paragliding. I dropped him off at 8:00am with the other pilots but I didn't stay to watch. I came back to the Beast to clean. Yes, even when on 'vacation' the vacuuming and dusting still needs to get done; and laundry, too. I was surprised to see that the laundry facilities were made up of newer models considering the RV park is nice, but rather rudimentary.

The RV park is just off the main highway that runs through town and is within walking distance of Big Wood River. While walking a path amongst Aspens and Wild Roses, I found a couple of small boulders along the riverbank, which make the perfect seat for meditation. I found myself soothed by the sound of the river lapping its bank and the shushing of the flow as it navigates through the multitude of rocks and boulder lining its bed. I've enjoyed watching the dozens of Violet-Green Swallows as they soar, loop, roll and dive over the river for the moths and other small, flying bugs that make up their diet. I thought of my father and imagined him fly fishing, standing hip-deep in the water while casting a graceful line. I love the peacefulness of it. I will take advantage of it many times before leaving here.

Being we've had rain the last couple of days, there hasn't been much to do so, yesterday, we took a drive to check out Sun Valley proper. If you're not paying attention, you completely miss it. You think you're still in Ketchum. We drove as far as the campground in the Sawtooth National Forest. Along the way is a community around the Sun Valley golf course. We stopped to visit the clubhouse, which was as beautiful as it was impressive. They also have an olympic sized swimming pool, several tennis courts, and what appeared to be a tent-covered amphitheater. I was an idiot, though. I forgot my camera. Doh! On the way back, we stopped for a Starbucks treat and walked the Farmer's Market.

Today, I took some early morning photos of the fog on the mountain and some of the Wild Roses down by the river.

We followed these fellows out of Nevada.
Here we are in Idaho heading to Ketchum.

I made comfort food Sunday evening: Nana's Mac and Cheese

This morning's fog—and our view.

A Wild Rose bud drenched with the night's rain.

A true Wild Rose.

One of many wild flowers still in bloom.


  1. How lovely! I'm glad you got the chance to be in some peace and quiet. I am very jealous. Sitting back and watching nature do its thing is my idea of a good time. The pictures are awesome. Remember, it's ok to forget your camera sometimes and have the memories all your own. Love you!

  2. Hi Mom and Dad! Wow, this sounds so amazing! Love you guys! Xoxo

  3. Ya, hi. Would you please send me the recipe for Nana's mac'n'cheese? Thanks! Xox