Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just Gotta Go with the Flow

We left home on June 14th and drove to Omo Ranch to my uncle's Christmas Tree farm for a one night visit. We packed up, said good-byes and tried to leave yesterday morning but the Beast had no power. Even flooring the accelerator had no effect. The engine revved only in neutral. After having Good Sam Roadside Assistance send someone out—found metal bits floating in the fuel (probably rust), changed the fuel filter, checked the air filter—the problem still wasn't resolved, but we did finally get a consistent code that indicates that it is a fuel injection problem. Now today, Father's Day, Rob called Good Sam again, discussed the code and our options and learned that the Beast has to be towed to a shop that has a mechanic familiar with Caterpillar engines. Thank goodness they will do the footwork for us and find the closest location. The bad thing is we don't know how long it will take. I hope whoever does the work takes pity on us being that it is our house and we have pets to accommodate.

Uncle Bruce would like us to stay here with them while the Beast is wherever it needs to be to get fixed, but I think Rob will want us to go with and stay nearby so that once it is road-ready, we'll be able to get going as quickly as possible.

I called the RV park where we were supposed to be in Truckee to let them know they wouldn't be seeing us on this trip. I guess this kind of thing is something they hear on occasion because they were completely unfazed, wished us a speedy resolution and let me know they'd have space for us if we need it on our way to Idaho.

I am so glad that we weren't stuck on the side of a road somewhere; and that we are parked next to my uncle's house with water, electricity and the ability to dump gray water as needed. We are amongst family and the peace and sweet smell of pines and firs. I am counting my blessings.

We learned something about our cat, Louis, on our drive up here on Friday. Louis gets carsick, poor baby. Both the cats hide during our drives. Brandy is usually found in the litter box and Louis is usually with Brandy or hiding behind the couch. As we were climbing in elevation, hitting some bumpy and curvy roads, we heard Louis meow in a sick-sounding kind of way. I looked back and found him looking forlorn, and quite green, with thick, foamy strands of saliva hanging from his mouth. I unstrapped myself, got a napkin to wipe his mouth, scooped him up and brought him up to my seat to ride in my arms so he could see outside. I was thinking it might help like it does for humans and I think it did. The big surprise was that he didn't try to jump off my lap. He stayed in my arms for quite awhile. Maybe he'll get where he'll ride in my lap more often. I wouldn't mind that at all.

I think this life we've chosen is going to be an ongoing lesson in letting go of preconceived notions, expecting nothing but the unexpected, embracing spontaneity and just going with the flow. Its all good.


  1. Linda and Rob, What an adventure already! But i know you are dealing with it well, so nice to be retired... I more year for me and I'm gone. Any way, where are you going in Idaho? I will be in Boise June 30 - July 5, with the new Love of My Life, Martin. It would be fun to meet up if at all workable. Love to all! Gina

    1. Gina, We were supposed to be in Ketchum, ID, on June 21st and depart on July 3rd, but right now we are not sure we will be able to go. Our appointment for the motorhome to be worked on is scheduled for July 1st. If we can't get someone to do it sooner, we may have to cut out that part of the country on this trip. We have to be in Virginia Beach by mid-September, so we have to be mindful of what it will take to get there and still preserve some of our itinerary. Sigh. We'll see how it all pans out. Love ya, Linda